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Moss Grills 6 Month Layaway Program

Layaway your Single Barrel or Double Barrel Grill from Moss Grills

Moss Grills aims to provide its customers with the ability to afford a new Single or Double Barrel Brill with no interest, so we are offering a 3 month layaway program.


  • We require a $150 non-refundable deposit for Single Barrel Grills and a $200 non-refundable deposit for Double Barrel Grills.
  • The $150/$200 dollars will be applied towards the purchase price of the grill. You can also customize the grill and add additions to the grill. The deposit will be applied towards purchasing the materials in advance
  • Payments will be accepted at the convenience of the consumer.
  • Layaway program is for 6 months, if payment in full has not been received within 3 months, a Moss Grills customer service representative will contact the purchaser via email and telephone, if no success in reaching the customer and/or payment in full is not made, the order will be cancelled with no refunds.
  • All product cost, taxes, shipping and handling will be factored into the purchase price of the grill and will be paid in full during the 6 month period.
  • Once the initial deposit is received, the product will NOT be manufactured or started until the cost of the merchandise is paid in full.
  • Once final payment is received and the order is paid in full, the order will be advanced on Moss Grills work order list and the grill will be manufactured.
  • Once the grill is paid in full, the consumer will receive their merchandise within 10 business days.

*** No Refunds are Available for Layaway Program**** This goal of this layaway program is to assist those customers who may want our product but just cannot pay for the merchandise in full at this time. 

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